How to take a screenshot on PC: all methods, explained

If you can’t, repeat the same steps butUninstall Latest Quality Updatethis time. Quality updates are generally important security updates, so remember toreinstall them latervia Windows Update. From the left side of the login screen, select theadmin accountand login. Now you should be able to log into Windows after entering the password. If this method works and you can log into Windows successfully, remember to update your device drivers in your computer to prevent any similar issues in the future. On the locked screen where you can’t see the login screen, press any key or click the screen with your mouse.

  • To save the file, paste the screenshot into any program that allows you to insert images, like Microsoft Word or Paint.
  • If you want something a little more refined, like, for example, to take a screenshot of a specific window or part of the screen, you can use the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows 11.
  • Another method to change the user account name in Windows 11 is by using the Netplwiz.exe – an advanced user accounts control panel in Windows.
  • The screenshot taken here will be copied to your clipboard, which you have to paste to MS Paint or any other photo editing apps available on your PC.

Now select the specific area of the screen by dragging the plus sign. Once you choose the area, it will capture the particular area, which will convert as a screenshot, and it will automatically save to the clipboard. Whenever we take a screenshot using the print screen button, it looks like nothing happened, but in the background, it makes the screenshot of the entire screen and saves it to the clipboard.

Windows 11: How to create a new local user account

[Solved] Driversol

Microsoft stated that it planned to release Windows 10X devices by the end of 2020. You have successfully renamed the local user account. Now, first sign out of your account and then you will see your desired name on the welcome screen which has been changed by you. The earlier versions of Windows allowed users to set up and proceed with the local account without logging in.

This can be done just by pressing the PrtScn button given on the upper right side of the keyboard, open MS Paint, paste the screenshot, and save it. Snip & Sketch is a screenshot tool that can be used to annotate and share screenshots. This program is easy to use compared to the old snipping tool that comes with Windows OS. Taking a screenshot with LightShot.To save the files, you can either press the save icon or use the Windows standard Ctrl + S shortcut. It keeps the files in the /Documents/Lightshot/ folder by default. But you can change that folder and easily save files in other locations.

Solution 2: Temporarily disable your antivirus software

On the Enter your old password one last time page, enter the password of the local user account that you’re connecting to your Microsoft account. (If the local user account didn’t have a password, leave this box blank.) Then click Next. To change the full name that appears in the user account lists, double-click the account name to open the Properties dialog box. Then enter or update the name in the Full name box, and click Apply or OK to make the change.

Then navigate to the ‘Pictures’ folder that contains the default ‘Screenshots’ folder. Here, in the ‘Capture’ window, click onShow all captures. Regarding saving, you need to save each screenshot manually while using the Snipping Tool.

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