Why Printer does not work?

Printer issues always happen at the worst time, but it is a common problem and it can happen to anyone. In most cases, this becomes frustrating and it could hold you back from getting your job done.  There are a lot of reasons that your printer does not work anymore, but there are as many solutions to fix it. Sometimes the problem is simpler than you thought and there are many ways to solve it.

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My printer can not print

There are many reasons why your printer won’t print, so start by checking if there are any errors or warning lights on the printer. Make sure there is paper in the tray, check the cartridges or toner are not empty, check the USB cable is plugged in or if the printer is connected to Wi-Fi.

If it is a network or wireless printer, try to use a USB cable. In our most common cases, some Wi-Fi printers are unreliable in terms of their connection. So it’s worth unplugging your printer and any other powerline network adapters it is connected to, then turning everything back on again.

If you got confused in the steps explained or you found them difficult, you can contact a tech expert, and he can solve your problem immediately! We promise we solve your tech problem!

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